donderdag, maart 17, 2016

Western vs Eastern health systems.

In the Western World you will visit a doctor when you are in pain. Most likely he will give you tablets to fight the pain. The patient is pain free so the doctor done his job well.
Tablets or so called prescription drugs won’t solve the cause of the underlying problem of the pain. Neither does the doctor. He doesn’t has time for that with all these patients coming in every day.
There is always patients in the waiting room. No matter what time you go.
So we take tablets and maybe even take other tablets to fight the side effects of the tablets you been taken in the first place. In the meantime the real problem isn’t solved, not even looked at while your body becomes more and more toxic.
Add up the processed food what we eat. Who is baking their own apple pie these days while you can buy one for a couple euro’s? It still can look authentic while its produced in a factory. Smart marketing will take care of that job.

We became toxic human beings. While we are natural human beings. That's how we started though, as newborns we are super sensible species, everything what you eat or drink had to be pure and natural otherwise you will get allergic reactions.
Unless your mother was a drug addict or alcoholic.
But think of it; why we don’t give paracetamol to babies? Cause that is strait up poison. As adults we take them for every little pain we feel. Just an exception reacts on it by an allergy but we most likely evolved our natural system what got used to toxics more and more.
When you have lots of toxins in the body, your body goes out of balance and your immune system is weakened. 
Years and years of this and you are surprised to get cancer?
What you going to fight with more poison.
All the thing we put in our body trough our mouth, our nose, our eyes, our ears and skin should be as close to as nature intented as possible. So you can throw away all your cosmetic products incl sun cream. The sun wont make you sick, the chemicals you put on your skin 'to protect' do.
Have a look in your kitchen as well. All what is man made, processed food you can dump. It only includes a lot off chemicals and artificial flavors what makes you more hungry, fat or addicted to the food. So you buy more. The circle becomes round of what I want to say; it's all about the money.

Lately I had some insights I would like to share with you.
As long as I remember I had a big bunion on the side of my feet. They became bigger trough the years and because of the pressure of the bunion the toes are not straight but growing in a wrong direction. The whole body adjust so it grows askew so back and neck pain comes because of that as a chain reaction.
After a couple years of suffering I have chosen foot surgery in the Western World. On both foot, one after the other. Where the orthopedist told me that it is genetic so that stopped the questioning of the cause. In the whole process of the surgery, before and afterwards I felt like ‘a customer’ and they where doing 'a routine job'. Very un personal, like I was one of the 100.000 others. And I'm sure I am not the only one who is dealing with this problem, but every person so every foot is different and I don’t think they keep that in mind so well.
So the role of the orthopedist in this case;
Make the patient pain free so chop of the bone.
The hospital and health insurance take their part of the pie since I lost my own risk. I need pain killers so the pharmaceutic industry can have a little bit as well. All these parties are helped with my case.
I'm I helped?
Not really cause after the surgery I ended up with complications, a wound that wouldn’t heal so that made me invalid after I came out of the plaster.
And where could I go for advice of healing? To the orthopedist? He did his job. He is done.
To my doctor? He would give me even more pain killers. I felt abandoned by our health system.
Very obvious that there is more effort in targeting prophet by several parties in this business then there is for increasing peoples health. I already knew but when this happens to you personal, when your daily life changed totally because you can't walk there is a big alarm going off inside believe me. It changed something in my mind that is essential; I need to take responsibility of my own health. Its in my hands to choose how to recover and with who I'll walk to path of recovery.
So I needed to dive into this case a little deeper to get some answers. At least for my peace of mind and a future where I want to be able to walk into.

I had a trip planned to the Eastern World. Just to give you an idea of my situation two months after surgery; by arrival in Bali a nice crew of two ladies pushed me out of the airplane in a wheelchair.
I arrived in a world where humans and nature life close to each other so I became more conscious about our Western way of  living and solving health problems.
By the help of my Dutch Indonesian friends I got in contact with a beautiful family  who where sent to me as angels. They introduced me to two traditional Balinese healers. Pak CeCok and Pak Jerou. In Bali if you are fated to heal people you are named 'Pak'.
They work mostly with the feet because everything in your body is connected with them. They increase the imuun systeem by starting up blood circulation trough a heavy foot massage.
I've been impressed by the results of the work of these two men. After 5 treatments (daily) I was back on my feet and could do a little jump. After 15 treatments I could walk without pain. Pak Jerou took care of my walking problem and Pak Cecok was helping with the back and neck problem.
They both work at home but Pak Jerou got a job during the day,  he is a rescue man. He does treatments after 7pm. Everyday except for holidays Pak CeCok gives treatments fulltime. Next to the physical part he can also solve mental problems. Balinese are very spiritual humans so they deal a lot with the spirits of their ancestors. They can be very annoying when they angry or upset and can have a deep influence in Balinese families in current time.
This might sound weird to you but its just a different world you might not know.
Again in western World you will receive tablets who mislead the brain by a chemical reaction. Is the problem solved?
Side effects are included.
In The Netherlands 1 million people are on antidepressiva. The population is 17 million. Not a complicated calculation is needed to say this is shocking.
This is another subject though.

In the end - or is this the beginning?  I'm very grateful that I had all these experiences and lessons from humans who are more connected with nature. I got more connected with nature myself again. I grew up in nature and always feel incomplete in the city where I live since I moved out. on my 17th. Now I know why.
I see a lot op people lost in space and time in the urban areas, everywhere in the world. I always hope for them they connect back to nature someday. It will safe lives.
I gained a lot of knowledge about nature and the human body and I can use this to life a healthy life.
I share my story so you can see how systems are build up and work in Western World & Eastern World. A lot to think about, a lot of work to do.
Please parents, be conscious and feed and inform your children right. Take time to prepare your food and avoid processed food. The best is meat free - I call it karma free food and raw organic veggies & fruit.
If you want to know more about this subject I suggest you the book; 'Natural Cures "they" don't want you to know about written by Kevin Trudeau. 
I just found that in the kitchen of my guesthouse in Palawan, Philippines. Accidentally? I don't think so.


Pak CeCok at work.

Pak Jerou and my Indonesian family Sofia, Bayu & Diva.