vrijdag, mei 16, 2014

The media has just a different point of view right?

You see two pictures of the same object. I took both pictures within 5 minutes. The left one will appear in the national or international press if the reports are about Detroit’s debt or postindustrial related subjects. The right one will appear in local press and will tell you about a new urban garden what just was funded by a city or state based fund.
If I tell people about Detroit in Europe they always go like; 'Oh but Detroit is like a ghost town right?' Are there people living right now?'  It’s not that strange that the majority of people out of Detroit have a total wrong vision of Detroit in his current state. It’s been fed by the media. The left picture brings more sad feelings above and the right one can make you happy because of the colors and the blooming plants give the picture a positive vibe. But unfortunately the role of the media in our lives is not purposed to make people happy I guess...